Our security cameras are designed to help you look after your home and family – even when you’re away. With 24/7 live streaming, advanced Night Vision, activity alerts, easy access from your smartphone or computer, our cameras help you keep an eye on what matters. From anywhere.
Security systems offer so much more than burglary prevention. With today’s convenient technology you can check on pets or see if packages were delivered, even give your housekeeper access to enter your home while you are away.


Cameras and camera quality play an integral role in a home security system. Experts at Constellation Home Electronics can help you place the right cameras in the proper location to ensure you get the best picture. Catching license plate numbers on vehicles can be difficult or require a better camera than many standard options.


Access controls are incredibly versatile, allowing you to unlock or even open doors from your smart phone. Locks can be opened with keypads and custom programming. For example, your housekeeper and dog walker can have different codes, you can check that each one arrived on time and confirm that the house is locked once they have left. Or, if you have guests visiting you can program temporary codes for them to get in or out of specific doors while maintaining security in other areas of your home. Allowing or denying access is a vital role in any security system. Using technology with access control can enhance an overall home automation system or simply be a stand alone element.


Security systems have many elements, lighting is often overlooked or completely left out. From a motion sensing front porch light to elaborate flood lights, lights can serve as a deterrent for burglars as well as a safety feature. Many cameras feature excellent night vision but lights can be useful to flash on or off to alert a person or animal that you are watching. Interior security lighting is just as important as exterior. Soft, low lights leading down a dark hallway or stairs help prevent tripping and falling. Bathroom lights which automatically turn on or off when someone walks in not only keeps people from fumbling to find a light switch but also provides energy savings by automatically turning off.
Located in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe, Constellation Home Electronics offers a wide selection of the finest brands of electronics with a commitment to uncompromising service. Solutions for even the most challenging installations to meet every budget.

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