Homes and offices are smarter than ever. These days even restaurants and shops are brimming with smart devices. As your peace of mind,  productivity, and entertainment now relies on Internet dependent devices and applications, it’s important to have a network that can support dense multimedia traffic, but also optimize it.
Experts from Constellation Home Electronics can make sure your network is running smoothly in the background so you can enjoy your entertainment or security systems.


As our homes get smarter, they also become more vulnerable to outside intruders. We use the latests in secure networking technology to make sure only you have access to your home network and all the data stored on it. With the Internet of Things growing daily a secure network is vital as many devices in your home are constantly communicating through it, even some coffee pots and TVs access your network. Experts at Constellation Home Electronics can assess exactly which devices need to be connected and remove the extras making sure there are no vulnerabilities in your network.


Adobe homes can be troublesome when it comes to WiFi, but thanks to our flexible network solutions, we can bring fast speed to any home. Not only are our installations creative and flexible, but our networks themselves are flexible. With a solid foundation a Constellation Home Electronics network is able to communicate with all kinds of different internet capable devices. Want to check your security cameras from work? No problem. Turn up the heat before you get home from work? No problem. Unlock your front door to let the dog walker in? No problem. Modern convenience and function are all possible with a touch of the button with the right network.


Constellation Home Electronics networks are fast. We are familiar with the often rural locations in Northern New Mexico as well as dealing with local building techniques such as adobe which often throttle or completely stop wifi signals. We will ensure every aspect of your network from the wires inside the walls to the signal repeaters give you the fastest most optimal network possible.

Not only are our networks fast, our service is too. Our networks can be monitored remotely so we can assess, address, and fix any problems which arise without even scheduling a service call. Often, our monitoring systems alert us of any down time before you have even noticed, allowing us to resolve the issue before it is an issue. How's that for fast?


Anyone who uses the internet knows reliability is key. We are all familiar with movie or music streaming services cutting out or dropping signals without warning. Constellation Home Electronics technicians pride themselves on creating bulletproof networks that prevent dropped signals and buffering; 100% uptime. With our networks you know the equipment you are using will be reliable and offer strong warranties. Our installation experts configure the settings for optimal speed and reliability ensuring all your devices continue communicating without interruption. Seamless communication is the foundation of a reliable network functioning for you when you want to log on.
Located in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe, Constellation Home Electronics offers a wide selection of the finest brands of electronics with a commitment to uncompromising service. Solutions for even the most challenging installations to meet every budget.

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