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Constellation is hosting an ongoing series of free workshops and seminars. Please join us for hands-on discussions covering topics from digital audio to home control on your tablet. We will be bringing in experts from the industry and special demonstration equipment.These workshops are FREE so mark your calendars!

Crestron ShadesHome Automation
June 21, 2014 @ 10AM
Constellation Home Electronics

Is it automation, integration or control? It’s a combination of all three. The first thing a properly designed home system should give you is control – the ability to control a myriad of different devices simply from centralized locations. Those locations could be wall switches, keypads or touchpanels, handheld remote controls, or, in the latest generation, they could be on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The second thing it should do is give you the ability to tie different systems together. For example, have your security system turn on all the lights if the smoke alarm goes off. Or turn off all the lights, TVs, and music when it is armed. This integration of systems add to the simplicity of controlling your home.

Third, a home system should allow you to set certain functions to happen automatically. For example, turn on the landscape lights 15 minutes before sunset each night, and turn off at midnight or sunrise. Or lower the blinds when the sun hits them. You can even add a condition; the blinds will lower only when the outdoor temperature is above 70°F. This level of automation will allow certain predictable events to occur without action on your part, simplifying your life even more!

Come to our Home Automation Seminar and learn how these systems can simplify your life. We will be demonstrating various systems, include lighting control, motorized shades, HVAC control and more! An expert from Crestron, the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial automation products, will be leading the seminar and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Solar PanelsSolar Energy
July 19, 2014 @ 10AM
Constellation Home Electronics

Stay tuned for more information about our July Seminar on Solar Energy.

Constellation Home Electronics displays at The Green Festival!

As a member of the Santa Fe Green Chamber, Constellation Home Electronics was an exhibitor at the inaugural Green Festival. We had a great time showcasing our environmentally friendly products and handing out canvas grocery bags.

Bill O'Connor and Rick Wiegers at the Constellation Home Electronics booth during the 2014 Green Festival

June Lighting Control Special!

20% off all Crestron Lighting Control Equipment!

Lighting Control Special
Update the lighting in your home to include a complete lighting control system! A home control system allows you to preset levels throughout your home to the desired intensity for multiple activities – parties, quiet evenings at home, vacation mode and many more, if desired. All designers will tell you that the proper lighting levels will help accentuate the features of your home that you want to highlight. Set these up once and forget them! No more running through the house to set levels, or to make sure all the lights are off. And, if the smoke alarm goes off, all the lights in the house can come on so you can find your way safely out of the house. There are many advantages to lighting control.

Call today to get a customized quote, or choose one of our pre-packaged solutions. Offer is good through June 30th.

Munich High End Audio Video Show Reports

Munch High End Show
Computer Audio
The Absolute Sound: Jonathan Valin
The Absolute Sound: Robert Harley


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