March 2015 News

See you at the Home Show!

In our March 2015 News: Constellation is a proud sponsor and participant of the 2015 Home Show. Our booth will be front and center showcasing the latest innovative solutions forlighting control, home audio, 4K and curved TV, shade automation, and much more.

Be sure to drop by and submit your name for our raffle where we will be giving away a Panamax Power 360 charging station every hour!

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The 212SE’s vertical form factor allows it to accommodate a pair of stacked 12″ super-alloy woofers in front, not to mention a passive woofer in back and another on the bottom. The better to pressurize the room uniformly. The active drivers are powered by a 1000-watt amp that’s built in-house. The sub can be used wirelessly, too. I was treated to a before-and-after demo, during which the 212SE proved remarkably quick, enabling it to add depth (both in frequency and space) without polluting the midrange. An impressive debut.

Rotel RB-1552 Mk II Power Amplifier

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The RB-1552 Mk II is a handsome, purposeful 120Wpc Class AB stereo power amplifier that bristles with the holistic design and careful parts selection that have distinguished Rotel’s best amps through the ages. The unit is essentially a dual-monoblock design and accepts both single-ended and balanced connections (the balanced sound way better). For those whose speakers require a little more oomph, such as Maggie owners, Rotel makes a more powerful ($600 more expensive) 200Wpc version, the RB-1582 Mk II. Modestly priced audio products may not be able to produce the “absolute sound,” but the best of them can fully deliver the heart of the high end. Rotel’s RB-1552 Mk II falls decisively into this category. Through the RB-1552 Mk II, strings are properly rich, bass is weighty, and the piano possesses a lovely round tone. Microdynamics and tiny tempo variations come through clearly, too, allowing the listener to hear the give-and-take between players. The amp also delivers robust dynamics, a broad soundstage, well-placed images, and infectious timing. Another Rotel winner.