CES 2016 Review by Jaime Lotero

Our very own, Jaime Lotero brings us a short summary of Constellation products from CES 2016 as well as summaries from national reviewers with all the weird, wild, and wonderful products introduced at this years largest tech show.

CES2016_Day2_Photo_MacIntosh A McIntosh self-powered speaker?

You know the world of high-end audio is taking note of the dramatic changes in personal listening when you see someone like McIntosh making headphone amps and desk-top speakers. I wish I could have been in the room when marketing folks were trying to get engineering to put a back-lit, aqua-blue, analog meter on the outside of their headphones. I gotta admit, I do love the blue meters. No further report, but the speaker is cool looking.


Sonus Faber Fashion Cans

Holy smoke! Wasn’t expecting a new line of fashion headphones from Sonus Faber, and my oh my, these are fair dinkum (Australian for “the real deal”) fashion headphones. I don’t say that out of any sense of denigration—I think it would be great to see sweet looking cans like these in the accessories department of Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus. The Pryma cans are absolutely fantastic looking…the sound was not their strong point, but it was okay. I just couldn’t resist the very unique and much better in real life look of these cans. Sexy in the extreme!

010916-SonusFaber-600Sonus Faber Honors Antonio Stradivari

I find it hard to believe, but only in the last 5 or 10 years did the museum in Cremona, Italy, where famed violinmaker Antonio Stradivari was born in 1644, receive the first violin that Stradivari ever made. To honor the occasion, Sonus Faber loudspeakers has issued Il Cremonese…
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010816-Wilson_Alexx-600Wilson Audio Scales Heights at CES

It’s unfair to judge the scale of Wilson Audio’s forthcoming Alexx loudspeaker ($109,000/pair) from the height of the two gentlemen flanking it, because main designer Daryl Wilson and inspiration/father Dave Wilson are ridiculously tall. But despite the fact that Alexx is 4″ shorter than the older MAXX3, his 65″ height means he’s a foot taller than his not-so-little sister Alexia.
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010816-Ryan-600Ryan Speakers with Atomic Audio Rack

At $15,995/pair, the Tempus III is the top-of-the-line from Ryan Speakers. Their speakers have impressed me before as offering high quality for the price, but perhaps not world-beaters. The Tempus III is different. It uses proprietary drivers, including a new beryllium-dome tweeter, two side-firing woofers, and a midbass that covers the range from 100Hz to 350Hz.
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010916-Beolab90-600Bang & Olufsen’s 18 Driver Beolab 90

Bang & Olufsen celebrated its 90 years of existence by releasing a $75,000/pair loudspeaker that had been 12 years in design. Geoff Martin, Bang and Olufsen’s Tonmeister and Technology Specialist in Sound Design, played an instrumental role in bringing the Beolab 90 from its origin as a blue-sky project at the Danish University.
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010916-REL_6pack-600Is REL’s “Six-Pack” Subwoofer Line Array Just What We Need?

I ran into REL Acoustics’ highly eloquent John Hunter on the way to the Venetian Towers, and he suggested I come by to hear the REL Acoustics “Six Pack.” As it turned out, this was not a San Francisco microbrew special, or well-developed abdominal musculature, but twin towers of 3 stacked,
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Clearaudio Introduces New Innovation Basic Turntable

Clearaudio introduced the new Innovation Basic turntable in importer Musical Surroundings’ room at CES.

The new ‘table features an aluminum Panzerholz wood sandwich plinth, custom optically controlled DC motor system, POM platter and magnetically levitated ceramic ball-based bearing system. Cost is $6000 without arm.
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11416gamutThe GamuT Lobster Chair!

I popped into the GamuT room even though they were only spinning vinyl. After listening and enjoying the system, GamuT’s President Michael Vamos directed my attention to something I’d missed; the GamuT Lobster Chair ($4990). “Damn, that’s so cool!” I said. “Sit in it” Michael suggested. I did and it is, in fact
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