December 2014 News

The Best and Bizarre of 2014 Audio Shows

In December 2014 News: Jaime Lotero recaps some of the most memorable products shown around the globe and offers his notes on why they stand out. With so much awesome gear out there he is excited to see what 2015 will bring. Browse the pictures and give us a call if you would like to find out more about any of the products.

Naim Statements, this amplification system includes two monoblock amps weighing 220 lbs each, plus a preamp, the latter in the center. The amps are rated at 748W into 8 ohms, and 9000W into 1 ohm, system weighs 600 lbs and costs a small $250,000. “I think I can get my wife to believe its a new high tech heating system…..not sure how I get her to agree to a second mortgage to pay for it?”

At least it makes my speakers look smaller.

Uhhhh not sure what to say about these. In case you are wondering, can be yours for $300,000….each!!

A real dream system, Ayre’s new KX-R Twenty preamplifier ($27,500) with Ayre’s MX-R 20 20th Anniversary monoblock amplifiers, with the Vivid Giya G1 speakers.

Wonderful Aesthetix monoblocks with the Focal Stella Utopia Em loudspeakers, candy to your ears.

Berkeley Audio Design Reference Series Alpha DAC ($14,000), word on the street says it sounds fantastic.

I think they come in 31 flavors

Sonus faber Ex3ma 30th Anniversary, not your typical stand mounted speaker. Limited production, 30 pairs worldwide Ex3ma (Extrema 3).

Lego gets into High End Audio……and yes it really does work.

No….Really….its a speaker.

Beautiful scan speak drivers with a bit of a twist.

dc10 Audio l’Instrument Grande Voix , made right here in Santa Fe,NM!

Holy Moly I can’t even count how many amps there are