Thank you for your interest in applying for a position with the Constellation Home Electronics.

We are an equal-opportunity employer and consider all candidates for employment based on such factors as knowledge, education, skill, experience, the ability to perform required activities and availability, and without regard to non-pertinent factors of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, citizenship, national origin, veteran, disability or membership in any other protected class.

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Level 1 Installation Technician: Apprentice/Helper

Experience required: none

Assists intermediate and/or lead technicians. Will not be dispatched to job sites alone. Is expected to help and learn at a steady pace. Is expected to manage their time and work with their supervisors and lead techs to generate billable hours. Is expected to be proficient with the following immediately (within the first two weeks).
  • knows the names of all the tools used for the job
  • knows basic job site etiquette and how to behave with coworkers, other sub-contractors, and clients • can document work performed in a way that others can understand
  • knows how to unload and reload the tools and the vehicles properly
  • knows the names and descriptions of the equipment we are installing
  • knows basic construction and technical industry terminology
  • knows and follows CHE procedures, policies, and paperwork

Must be proficient with the following within the first 60-120 days:

Basic Tool Knowledge: has and knows how to use all of the tools for the job properly , including
  • all hand tools
  • volt/ohm meter and/or multi-meter
  • toner
  • cable checkers - 1⁄2 inch drill
  • hole hawg
  • hammer drill
  • sawzall
  • all other required tools 
Basic Cabling Knowledge: knows how to properly terminate and test all cabling
- coax - CAT5 and CAT6 (and shielded CAT6)- RJ-11 and RJ45 (both standards) - Other A/V ends- RCA, BNC, mini-BNC, etc. - knows how to properly splice above as well as other types of wire (stranded and solid conductor)
  • Basic TV Mount Knowledge: knows how to mount a TV using the mounts we use - flat - tilt - articulating arm 
  • Basic System Flow Knowledge: -understands basic system flow and how to connect our most commonly installed equipment - TVs and video sources (BluRay players, satellite receivers, etc.) - Sound systems - Stereo and surround sound receivers - Speakers and amps/speaker selectors/volume controls/keypads ∙ CD players - Other audio/video sources (analog and digital) - Power protection and accessories - IR repeater systems/ RF remote control bases - Basic networking equipment- switches and routers (doesn’t need to know how to configure them yet, just connect and mount them properly)
  • Basic Pre-Wire Knowledge: - Knows how to do the following on a pre-wire - Mount j-boxes in framing and solid materials - Drill holes in framing (and knows where NOT to drill- i.e. structural members, other mechanical paths, etc.) - Wall studs - Joists, ceiling and door - Headers (only when absolutely necessary and with permission and guidance from GC) - Secure and manage wiring (and knows how far to stay from other mechanical) - Assist with channeling solid walls WITHOUT damaging structure - Adobe - Cinder - Bond beams (always check with GC rst) - Rastra - Pumice - Concrete - Work with conduit and conduit parts - Work safely with and on ladders - Use safety equipment (including personal eye and ear protection) - Communicate properly with other sub-contractors, general contractor, and inspectors ∙ Read, understand and follow architectural drawings (including how to use a scale) - clean up work space (no trace! Leave it cleaner than found!)
  • Basic Retrofit/Remodel Knowledge: Knows how to do the following on a retro t/remodel - Work cleanly in a finished/furnished house - Assist with fishing wire properly and safely through framing - Assist with fishing wire properly and safely through mechanical spaces - Install wire mold/ Panduit - Install conduit interior and exterior - assist with wall penetrations properly and safely including from interior to exterior (and patch properly) - drill holes cleanly in cabinetry (pick less noticeable wire paths - identify and work properly with existing mechanical (do no harm!) - mount electronics and accessories (on walls, ceilings, in cabinets and enclosures) - clean up work space (no trace! Leave it cleaner than found! Take garbage with you!)
  • Knows how to do the following in a finished system/service scenario - Work cleanly in a finished/furnished house - Work in an equipment rack - Fixed and moving racks/ rack rails/ pull and pivot - Wire management - Remove/replace mounted equipment - Check operation of equipment before work begins- document findings - Communicate with client about any service issues - Replace components/ check work/ test - Clean up work space

Located in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe, Constellation Home Electronics offers a wide selection of the finest brands of electronics with a commitment to uncompromising service. Solutions for even the most challenging installations to meet every budget.

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